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Public safety

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Search & Rescue

Sometimes, search and rescue teams need to search large, challenging, and dangerous areas in order to save human lives.
Semi-automated drones quickly scout these areas and find people in danger without putting team members at risk.

Fire control image

Fire control

Extinguishing fires requires care in order to rescue those trapped inside burning structures with heroic poise and stop flames from spreading.
Our drone technology provides fast video tools that can offer important information about the best way to attack a fire without putting firemen at risk.

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Sometimes, police officers are forced to sacrifice themselves to protect citizens or enforce the law.
Our drones provide long-distance video tools to help evaluate situations and plan responses, greatly increasing the safety of officers and bystanders.

Disaster management image

Disaster management

When natural disasters occur, response teams immediately step forward to save human lives and rebuild.
Our drone technology provides fast data collection tools to responders, infrastructure maintenance personnel, and insurance companies, allowing them to quickly visualize areas, adjust responses, and begin rebuilding with the community.